Saturday, August 27, 2022

DevStack on Ubuntu 20.04

I need a small IaaS cloud infra for my CMSC291: Modern Distributed Systems class this semester so I decided to set up an OpenStack instance on one of SRG's servers running Ubuntu 20.04. I have used OpenStack in the past so I'm quite comfortable using it.

What is DevStack?

"DevStack is a series of extensible scripts used to quickly bring up a complete OpenStack environment based on the latest versions of everything from git master. It is used interactively as a development environment and as the basis for much of the OpenStack project’s functional testing."


[1] I thought the process will be straightforward but unfortunately minor tweaks were needed. Below is the configuration of the host.  

[2] This is the commit hash that worked for me, make sure to checkout this particular commit : d9e2d10d28ebc70129ed90ac9afe11591e7bb7d3

[3] Get the IP address of the host (using ifconfig) and export it as HOST_IP environment variable. Let's say the IP address is

        $export HOST_IP=

[4] Prepare the local.conf file as described in the doc.

[5] Edit lib/neutron_plugins/ovn_agent

Change OVS_RUNDIR=$OVS_PREFIX/var/run/openvswitch 
to OVS_RUNDIR=$OVS_PREFIX/var/run/ovn

[6] Unstack and Clean.

        $sudo apt install neutron-metadata-agent
    $sudo apt install neutron-openvswitch-agent
    $sudo pip install uwsgi
[7] A few directories need to be removed as well as do some other stuff:

    $sudo rm /var/run/ovn/openvswitch
   $sudo /usr/share/openvswitch/scripts/ovs-ctl restart
    edit tools/dbcounter/

[8] Stack. This may take a while so grab a cup of coffee.

    $sudo rm -fr /var/run/ovn
A successful installation after ~12 minutes!

[9] Launch an instance.

[10] TODO: Configure Floating IP addresses and add glance images.