Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Setting up a Drone Programming Environment using DroneKit on Windows 7

1) Download and install APM Planner 2 for Windows.
2) Download and install Python 2.7 for  Windows. Make sure the following options are set.
    1. Install for all users
    2. Destination directory: C:\Python2.7
    3. Add python.exe to Path
3) Open a command prompt (cmd.exe) to test if the installation was successful.
    1. >python -V
4) Install virtualenv
    1.  >pip install virtualenv
5) Create and activate the dronekit virtual environment.
    1. >md SRG-Bots 
    2. >cd SRG-Bots
    3. >virtualenv dronekit_env
    4. >dronekit_env\Scripts\activate.bat
6) Install the required packages. This may take a while.
    1. >pip install dronekit dronekit-sitl mavproxy wget
7) At this point the required packages have been installed. Start dronekit-sitl.
    1. >dronekit_env\Scripts\dronekit-sitl.exe copter-3.3
8) Open a new command prompt then run mavproxy.
    1. >cd SRG-Bots
    2. >dronekit_env\Scripts\activate.bat
    3. >python dronekit_env\Scripts\ --master tcp: --sitl --out --out
9) Run APM Planner 2.
10) Open a new command prompt. Download and run an example.
    1. >cd SRG-Bots
    2. >dronekit_env\Scripts\activate.bat
    3. >python
    4. >>>import wget
    5. >>>'')
    6. >>>quit()
    7. >python --connect "udp:"


NiK$ said...

In the 7th step the command should use Scripts instead of Script
>dronekit_env\Scripts\dronekit-sitl.exe copter-3.3