Friday, June 10, 2016

Eaton 5L UPS on Ubuntu 14.04 using NUT

Lately I needed to configure an Eaton 5L UPS for the P2C controller node. Power outages are becoming frequent nowadays. The main requirement is that when a power outage occurs, controller services (keystone, glance, nova, etc.) should be stopped and the node will shutdown, as well as the UPS. I am running Ubuntu 14.04 for the controller so NUT is easy to install (sudo apt-get install nut). It took me half a day to configure this, so to save you some time you can check out my config. Enjoy!


helgeboy said...

Hi there and thanks, this really helped me, I'm running an Raspberry Pi 2 with SNMP, but your Github core help me to clean up my code and the shutdown scripts for a greater functionality. I have exactly the same Eaton 5L UPS, but I running another USB driver, nutdrv_qx, I have several Raspberry's, Cubietruck, NAS(Seagate Personal Cloud, hence need for SNMP).

Aelzki said...

Helped me setup the NUT config to my Openmediavault home server. Thanks a lot!