Monday, February 28, 2011

On the Role of Faculty in a Research University

Research-Driven Academic Growth and National Relevance of UP by Dr. Gisela P. Concepcion
Some key ideas:

  • Research mentoring is important
  • Being a faculty involves teaching, research, advocacy and extension work
  • Publishing research results and patent applications is a top priority
  • Submit papers to international journals for pre-review
  • Levels of scientific activity:
    • innovative, creative, trailblazing
    • iterative, modifying science
    • routine, protocol science
  •  Research in the Philippines must now move on to the molecular level
  • Review Technology Transfer Bill
  • Come up with a scientific advocacy
  • The Dean shall provide
  • Minimize administrative work of young faculty to be able to focus on research
  • Every young faculty should have a major specialization (in his field) and a minor specialization (collaborative)
  • An enabling environment must be present to be able to encourage research
  • Procurement process of equipment for research must be revised
  • Research must be aligned to public issues (flooding, climate change)
  • Allocate 10-15 percent of MOOE for tests
  • Be opportunistic
  • Advocate the concept of "volunteerism" in research
  • Conduct expectation settings for research: senior faculty, junior faculty, graduate students, undergraduate students, administrative support
  • Improve oral and written communication skills
The Importance of Conducting Research in the University by Dr. Ida F. Dalmacio
Some key ideas:
  • Review Republic Act 9500
  • Develop "Centers of Excellence"
  • Her main motivation for research is to develop her laboratory by obtaining funding to procure equipment
  • There must be an industry partner to drive research in the academe
  • Data gathered in research is the ticket to publications and research funding
  • Professional fulfillment is one of the motivations for conducting research
  • "Think big, start small, act now"