Tuesday, October 6, 2009

UPLB now has full text online access to important sources of computing literature

As a novice researcher, a brilliant idea suddenly comes into your mind. You start your web browser and typed a few keywords on your favourite search engine to know if somebody has already thought of your brilliant idea. Then comes the results of the search. Somebody has already thought of your brililant idea and even published a journal article! You hurriedly click on the link, hoping to know more of the author's work. Unfortunately, what you get is only an abstract because you need to pay to access the entire article.

Yes, we have Wikipedia and Citeseer as sources for our literature review. But sometimes we just can't find the journal articles that are very important for our research from these two. In an effort to increase research productivity and output, UP obtained subscriptions of several journals delivered electronically. In the field of computing, the following are important sources of literature that we can use for our research.  They are accessible within the campus network. The question to ask now is: "Are we using these valuable resources?"

There are also several bibliographies for computer science available online.